Why Choose Armenta?

Because We Offer Wonderful Educational Programs for All Ages and All Needs!
ALA Will Make a Difference in Your Child’s Life!

    • 6:1 Ratio Schooling/1:1 Opportunities
    • Early High School Graduation/Accelerated Studies
    • Grade Levels Raised up to 3 Years in One Academic Year
    • Specialized Attention to Student for Great Results
    • Individualized Program to Meet Child’s Needs
    • Multisensory Approaches to Learning “Whole Child Approach”
    • Highly Qualified Staff-Credentialed- K-Adult Education
    • Student Evaluation/Assessments
    • Small Group Tutoring Onsite or 1:1
    • At Home/Offsite Tutoring
    • Correspondence with Student’s Teachers and Parents
    • Weekly Emails/Phone Calls/Updates
    • Monthly Progress Reports
    • Open 7 Days a Week Year Round
    • Comfortable Environment Where Kids Can Learn and Take Risks
    • Classes for Credit to Get Ahead or Catch Up
    • Summer Learning Adventures to Keep Students Engaged
    • Fall Preparation for Students for a Fresh Start to a new school year
    • Workshops: SAT, CHSPE, ACT
    • ESL/Foreign Language/Computers
    • Counseling/Mentoring for All Ages
    • Volunteer/Internship Programs

We Build Brilliance in Our Students

By Julie M. Armenta, M.A. Educational & Family Specialist

ALA provides daily interactive workshops and monthly guest speakers to reach your child’s full learning potential. We nurture each student’s interests, talents, and strengths as well as fill in those gaps to build a strong, academic foundation. Students love ALA because it is small, nurturing, specialized, and individualized. Some of ALA’s favorite enrichment courses are Photography, Computers, Foreign Languages, Pet Education, and more. We are consistently adding new courses to ALA to meet the needs of your child.

Most students at ALA can accelerate and advance rather quickly. Whether they are behind and need to catch up or are gifted and need to be challenged, we move at the child’s own learning pace.

Children do not do busy work. If the child learns the given work, we move on. We have the flexibility to be creative with your child and use hands on, kinesthetic approach for authentic learning. We determine the learning style of your child and teach to their needs, whether it is auditory, visual, etc. Most children complete all work in a 4 to 5 hour school day with very little homework. This is less stress for the students and the parents. If the parents wish for homework, we will provide studies or enrichment as needed.

At ALA respect is enforced daily. Students learn values, morals, and manners, as well as personal hygiene, respect and more. At ALA we also provide social skills classes and self-esteem building workshops. Parent & family counseling and support are also provided. There are internships and job skills programs where the children can learn responsibility within the community.

Teachers at ALA all currently have degrees or are pursuing one. Most are credentialed in Special Education or Standard Education. All teachers are experienced with expertise in this field and are highly skilled. Students are matched with the best teacher to fit their needs or may have several throughout the day.

ALA is open from 8 am – 3 pm for school hours However, we offer flexible hours to best meet the needs of the students and their families. After school tutoring, study hall and workshops are also available from 3-8 pm. We set the best hours for you and your child and for your convenience, we are open 7 days a week.

ALA has a small class size with an average of 10-15 students at one time. We provide 6:1 ratio and provide 1:1 as needed throughout the day for all students. We are K-12 educational program, and we follow state standards and regulations. Some students will be on a district, county, or private curriculum. It is decided what is best for the child and the family by Mrs. Armenta, and the parents. ALA provides daily updates and communication with the parents which also creates a successful outcome with the student and their family.

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