• A Message from Julie M. Armenta M.A.,
    Educational and Family Specialist

    As an educator, I love this time of year; it is a time to inspire and impact the life of each child. Educators are truly given a very special opportunity, above and beyond the normal rewards of teaching. Children may come into the world facing challenges, sometimes not even known by the children or the parents. By working closely with the child and the parent, teachers are often able to ascertain what the real issue is. I believe all students are special and learn differently. We have an educational plan and program that can assist your child's needs, whether it's schooling for special needs and/or gifted children, or tutoring, study hall, or educational workshops. We can make a difference in your child's life while achieving excellence through education. read more..

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    Thank you Mrs. Armenta & Mr. Smith, I really love school now. I want to come to Armenta every day, because you make learning fun and easy. You both are...


    Thank you Mrs. Armenta & Mr. Smith for all you have done for Sara. She has been so happy and loves to read again. She loves coming to Armenta. Thank...

    Mary Kay Parker

    I have never seen my son excited about school ever through all his school years. We are excited about his enthusiasm to learn and graduate this year. Thanks to you!


    read more..

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    ALA Courses, view HERE We are excited to announce our news classes in our School and Tutoring Program! Autistic Reading Comprehension, Certified Play Attention, Lindamod-Bell, Multi-sensory Handwriting and Additional Foreign Languages, including French, German and Swedish Courses! We have cutting-edge technology and techniques enrich, empower and education your child! We offer these amazing courses year-round and any age group is welcome!

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    View our Winter 2017 Newsletter HERE Our Winter 2017 Newsletter is here! We have great content and articles including Success Stories, Student of the Month, Featured Teacher, Armenta Pet Academy, Community Events, and much more! We hope you enjoy! Armenta Learning Academy would like to wish our students, staff, parents, mentors, friends and family safe and happy holidays!

    At Armenta Learning Academy, we are a unique, alternative school with school, home school and tutoring options available for all learning needs, including Special Needs and Gifted students. We are available 7 days a week, ages Pre-K through adult, 8am to 8pm, onsite or offsite! For more information about our school or tutoring programs, call (949)367-9473(WISE) or (949)433-0898.

    Armenta Learning Academy Success Stories from our students and families are available, view HERE Written by our wonderful parents, students and friends! Thank you everyone!

  • Some of the great services we provide

    • Tutoring - Onsite and Offsite
    • 1 to 1 or small groups
    • Non-Traditional School, 4:1 ratio
    • Classes for Credits
    • Independent Study
    • Home-School Programs
    • Gifted & Accelerated Studies
    • Early Graduation/Make Up Credits
    • College Prep/Adult Education
    • Test, Study, Time Management
       & Organizational Skills
    • Special Needs Support
    • Life/Job/Social Skills
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    Armenta Pet Academy Brochure can be viewed HERE We use positive reinforcement methods to get quick results. We will train in your home or you can have your pet stay with us short term for day school or long term for a new, improved pet for day school or boarding while you are away for great results. Contact Armenta Pet Academy at (949) 433-0898.