Non-traditional School Programs/6:1 Ratio

Many children find school either a challenge or not challenging enough. While teachers try to accommodate the majority learning level of their class, they tend to leave out students who need more challenging material or who require more attention and time. At our academy, students find a welcoming ration of six students to one teacher as well as one-on-one schooling and assistance. Our non-traditional school setting allows students to create strong bonds with their teachers and fellow students. A nurturing and welcoming environment causes a student to become enthusiastic about learning, attending school and meeting academic goals. Individual daily lesson plans ensure a workload to accommodate each child’s learning level and needs, while still challenging their young minds and developing a love for learning. This supportive, orderly, success-oriented program encourages the development of academic competence, effective work habits, self-discipline, and self-esteem. Nurturing is in our nature; we cultivate success.
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On and Off Site Tutoring, Semi-Private and 1:1

Academy tutoring is an individualized program of instruction to promote good grades, peer and instructor support, concept reinforcement, goal achievement, excellent academic values and acceleration. By reviewing and checking homework, promoting good study skills, and combining independent and mutual work time, our goal is to prepare your children for their entire academic careers. Proficiency in specific subjects can be evaluated and given individual attention. Our staff is fully equipped to handle the unique needs of our students and their families. We provide tutoring to assist students in all subjects, such as Math, Science, Spanish, English and Reading Comprehension. Our experienced staff provides services for all grade levels PreK-Adult. We welcome walk-ins, on-call and emergency based tutoring sessions. We are available 7 days a week upon request due to our availability of staff to meet your academic needs.
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Accelerated Studies/Early Graduation

For advanced children trying to get ahead in their academic careers, our teachers offer wonderful advisement and academic support for grade level acceleration. Our accredited staff promotes a combination of classroom learning and tutoring assistance to achieve your child’s/children’s goals. We will work with your school’s curriculum and meet your specific academic learning needs.
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Special Needs and Gifted Programs

Armenta Learning Academy provides an integrated, simultaneous, multi-sensory, “across the curriculum” approach to instruction which is designed to assist students in acquiring the skills they need to cope with their language learning differences. We see students benefiting from our small class sizes and personal attention, as reflected in our students’ achievements of one to three levels in one school year. Grounded in the belief that children are a precious gift, Armenta Learning Academy can provide the assistance that dyslexic, attention deficit, aspergers and other special learning needs students and their families need. With our student-centered programs, educational support and a developmental, hands-on approach, our students enjoy a variety of instructional styles for mild to severe learning disabilities. Armenta Learning Academy has a tradition of encouraging creative and independent thinking, teaching a strong self-concept and encouraging personal motivation, while moving at the child’s learning pace.
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Home School and Independent Study Support

Home Schooling Instruction for School Credit
Home School Instruction in a 6 to 1 ratio classroom environment is offered year-round for all subjects, just a few or specialize in certain subjects that may be more challenging to the student and parent. We give you the support for a successful home school experience. We can oversee your child’s progress and achievements. We provide report cards and newsletters quarterly and promote daily communication between students, families and staff. Field trips, guest speakers, spelling b’s, contests, science fairs and much more are some of the exciting ways we make learning fun. The 6:1 ratio is guaranteed. Depending on the program, we can raise your child 2-3 years ahead. (12-20 house a week is recommended.) By adapting schooling hours and style to your student’s special needs, a problematic class at school can become a welcomed activity in our academy’s non-traditional school setting. By working in conjunction with your district, a curriculum can be adapted and presented to your child in a more suitable manner. Class credit is given in such instances and our skilled teachers teach the class material.

Independent Study Programs
Through direction and assistance, students completing Independent Study courses will thrive in our small group and one on one environment. Our apt teachers will advise students on time management in relation to class work completion, as well as teaching the material. Our on call staff is here to help in all academic areas.
Independent Study offers a flexible schedule to accommodate High School, or middle school needs, while meeting the requirements in CUSD or nationwide.
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All Ages & Subjects, Pre-K to Adult Education

At Armenta Learning Academy, we believe it is never too late to get a good education. That is why we offer schooling and tutoring for all age levels from pre-kindergarten all the way up to adult education. We have tutoring and school programs available for any subject whether you need a general education for your child, help with a particular class, or help with a professional development class for your job. Let us help you to be a success.
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After School and Enrichment Programs

We have many different programs available to add extra depth to your child’s education. From extracurricular classes to job skills workshops, we offer a variety of ways to keep your child learning and growing even during the after school hours.

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Math/Computers/Science/Reading/Writing Workshops

Throughout the year we will be offering academically relevant workshops. These workshops will be optional and open to anyone interested. They will be presented at times when the material is most applicable, such as study skills near finals week and SAT preparation in both the early fall and spring. We gladly accept ideas or requests for particular subject matter in workshops. Creative Writing, Spanish, Geometry, Skills for Life and much more are offered.
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Book Clubs and Read-a-thons

Books are the foundation of a good education. At Armenta Learning Academy, we teach students to respect, utilize, and enjoy books. We host Book Clubs and Read-a-thons as a way to encourage our students to see books as not only a great resource, but also a wonderful source of entertainment.
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Foreign Languages & English as a Second Language

We offer foreign languages both in classes and tutoring help. We also have an excellent ESL program for students who are not native English speakers. Our program helps to integrate students who do not speak English into the mainstream education system quickly and smoothly. We also encourage these students to share their native tongue with us, so that we learn from them as they learn from us.
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The “test stress” factor is well known and understood by our tutors and teachers. They will help prepare students for the general subject areas standardized tests cover, and the more specific subjects of the SAT and GED. Our tutoring staff prepares students for such standardized tests as the SAT, SAT II, ACT, CORE, STAR, GED and the CAHSEE. With individualized help and practice tests, your student will succeed. Our qualified teachers can acquaint your student with proper test taking strategies through practice exams and evaluations.
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Workshops, Study Hall, Peer Chat Groups

Throughout the year we will be offering academically relevant workshops. These workshops will be optional and open to anyone interested. They will be presented a times when the material is most applicable, such as study skills near finals week and SAT preparation in both the early fall and spring. We gladly accept ideas or requests for particular subject matter in workshops. Creative Writing, Spanish, Geometry, Skills for Life and much more are offered.

Study Hall
This is for the students who are independent, but may have a few questions that need to be answered while they are studying. This offers a supportive, structured, quiet and comfortable environment for students to study and succeed in. Such an environment gives students the ability to focus on material with all of their attention. Quiet surroundings help to foster their abilities so that they are well prepared for exams and assessment tests. We can offer rooms for quiet self-motivated study. We also offer areas for study groups.

Peer Chat Groups
This program offers a safe place for students to chat and discuss everyday issues with a facilitator and mentor in the group to model good behavior. Today’s society, tough situations, topics of interest, areas of social concern etc. will be discussed and sorted through in a peer group setting. Students can feel more comfortable with themselves, their lives and their situations. We want them to feel more self-confident and they can make new friends in the process.
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Student Volunteer & Internship Programs

We can teach your child in a supervised environment to learn responsibility such as office work, tutoring, facility cleaning and more. Students can get volunteer Hours for use on college applications, Girl/Boy Scouts projects or partake in our Internships to garner the specialized training need for success in the real world.
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School Success & Career Readiness Workshops

Middle school and high school students will learn more about themselves, their study and learning habits, and time management skills through this course. We prepare them to accept new challenges in their school life and future professional life by teaching them useful and practical strategies and responsible attitudes in preparation for success in academics and in the real world. In the process of these courses, students will gain a better understanding of themselves and their ambitions and learn how to get started on the path towards their goals.
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Parenting Classes & Consultations

Parents can come to us for assistance in dealing with the academic, social and behavioral challenges they might be facing with their children. Parents will learn how to engage in positive interactions, communication, and relationships with their children. Methods of discipline can encourage responsibility and high self-esteem. It is important for all parents to develop rules of discipline for healthy relationships with children to create peace at home and in the family. We offer the guidance and support parents need in private 1:1 consultations or classes and workshops.
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Counseling & Mentoring with Mrs. Armenta

Children often need a mentor or counselor in a private and safe setting where they can talk freely and feel comfortable. Mrs. Armenta is available to help children and adults reach their academic, personal and social goals with her educational and counseling expertise and background. Mrs. Armenta’s biggest purpose and passion is to make an impact in others’ lives forever, and this is a quality that she and our staff enjoy and love to instill in our students and our families.
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Armenta Angels Community Outreach Program

Besides learning valuable skills that will help them achieve academic success, it is important for children to learn charitable values through doing volunteer work and contributing to the community. At Armenta Learning Academy, we can demonstrate to students the significance of achieving success in school and in life through tasks that encourage social applications and challenges. Mrs. Armenta will go to communities with students once or twice a month to teach children the value of humanitarian work and what it means to make a difference in not only the lives of others, but in their own.
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Summer School Programs

We offer K-12 programs to meet your child’s needs, interests, talents and strengths. Your child can come to enjoy our Oceanography Camp which includes Field Trips, Science Experiments, Photography & Art classes, Hands-on Interactive Studies, and more. We also offer Skills for School Success Camp which includes Tutoring, Writing & Math Workshops, Test Prep, and Study Skills Classes in preparation for the upcoming school year. Part time and Full time programs are available for the summer and year round to meet your child’s individual needs. Call Armenta Learning Academy now for academic success!
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Armenta Olympics & Games

We are excited to announce Armenta Olympics. Students will learn teamwork and cooperation while getting healthy & fit. Mrs. Armenta strongly believes in keeping not only the mind but the body strong. Every quarter we will do relays races, jumps, obstacle courses and more to have fun and keep fit. Some of our upcoming events we will be community walks such as Healthy Community and The Walk Against Drugs. These events will teach kids responsibility with themselves and the community. The kids will be raising awareness and money for good causes.
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Enrichment Classes: Social Skills, Skills for School Success, Job Skills

Our enrichment classes are here for students who want more out of their education than the standard Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. We help students to prepare for their lives outside of school with classes such as Social Skills, Job Skills, and Personal Development. In this way we teach the “whole child” and give them all the tools they will need to be a success not only in school but in life.
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School Clubs: Pet Education, Oceanography, Fishing Club

Our school clubs are varied and based on the interests of the students. We offer Pet Education, Photography, Oceanography, Fishing, Creative Arts, and Creative Writing clubs that help students to explore their interests as well as share them with others. We are always open to forming new clubs whenever a student voices an interest in a particular subject.
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